Qi Gong Class Schedule and Shamanic Healing Circle Series 2018

Much Love and Healing Light to All of you! 

This Saturday we will begin our Qi Gong Class series for 2018!  During the class you will be guided through a series a body movements and relaxing breathing techniques.  We will practice standing mediation forms and Tibetan tumo breathing . This will help you circulate your body's Qi, or vital energy, which will allow you to heal and energize your whole body.

This class is open to beginners and advanced practitioners of Qi Gong alike.

Qi Gong Class Schedule

Every Saturday Morning from 8am-9am

Suggested Donation: $20

Shamanic Healing Circle Series

Please join us for shamanic healing drum circles once a month. In this beginner shamanic journey series we will travel to the lower and upper worlds to tap into deeper unconscious parts of yourself and connect with the greater spirit. Come connect, heal and find strength!

Every Last Saturday of the Month 8am-9am

except for:

November Circle - 11/22/18

December Circle - 12/22/18

Suggested Donation: $20