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At Healing Light Family Acupuncture in Fountain Valley and Lake Forest, we are an acupuncture clinic that offers energy healing, fertility assistance, pregnancy, labor and postpartum services

Fertility Acupuncture

Acupuncture works to promote the body’s natural ability to heal itself. For those seeking fertility assistance, acupuncture treatments work synergistically with your own body to provide a natural and safe way to boost your body’s reproductive system. Not just for treating fertility concerns, acupuncture works to treat a variety of ailments for those in the Fountain Valley, CA region.

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Pregnancy Acupuncture

Pregnancy Acupuncture builds a strong foundation for pregnancy by improving blood circulation, balancing the endocrine system with your hormones and boosting the immune system to better support the changes of your body.

pregnant mom
esoteric acupuncture for pain

Esoteric Acupuncture

With esoteric acupuncture, patients can balance all of their body’s energy centers while treating both the physical and emotional body. With esoteric acupuncture, Fountain Valley, CA locals may also work to expand their consciousness as they strengthen the root of their higher inner spiritual center. With blended modalities, deep layers of the ego will be revealed.

Fertility Coaching

We offer unique fertility coaching for our patients as part of their treatment plan. Receive one on one virtual guidance from an experienced fertility acupuncturist and certified women’s empowerment coach. This is an additional service that can greatly enhance your fertility acupuncture experience and overall conception success. Our goal with fertility coaching is to help you feel 100% emotionally supported in your mind and spirit by a compassionate and skilled coach. Our patients who receive acupuncture plus fertility coaching, feel more confident and peaceful in their fertility journey.

Healing Light Family Acupuncture, Fertility Coaching
Healing Light Family Acupuncture, Fertility Coaching

Reiki Energy Healing

A natural technique used on Fountain Valley, CA clients, reiki hands-on healing is used to improve physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being all at once. With Reiki, you’ll experience deep relaxation and a sense of peace and overall well-being. If you’re looking for an antidote to stress, reiki hands-on healing is what you’re in need of.

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Tina Ghahramani-Singh

We’re Here For You.

Helping families reach their highest healing potential by providing comprehensive holistic services and education to our Orange County community.

Our Values


Integrity as a forefront value allows Healing Light Family Acupuncture to build strong and valuable lines of trust, communication, and caring with all of our clients.

Holistic Health

Healing Light Family Acupuncture navigates patients to a natural pathway toward health, for our client’s mind, body, and spirit.


Wellness is a value we prioritize at Healing Light Family Acupuncture for our clients. Through acupuncture, we provide wellness and healing all through the mind & body.

Love & Compassion

With love and compassion, Healing Light Family Acupuncture is able to truly get to know our clients and provide them with just the healing they’re looking for.

Case Studies

Linda T.

Tina is amazing. I’m 38 years old and she helped me get pregnant within the first two months of treatment. That is super fast considering my age and I’m a full-time working professional. After the initial evaluation, she carefully assessed my personal background and prepared a customized treatment plan for me to get pregnant ASAP, ranging from acupuncture sessions, dietary recommendations, ovulation testing, and herbal and vitamin supplements. I’ve been to other acupuncturists before, but Tina is my favorite because she truly cares and takes the time to talk and advise during each session. Her office is very warm, relaxing and I actually look forward to seeing Tina and getting treatment. Many thanks to Tina for helping make it happen, and now I’m looking forward to continuing to see her to coach me through a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Rana B.

I’m not much of a review writer but my experience with Dr. Tina was one that called for the necessity to spread word about her talents and skill. I’m an empath like she is and I truly take joy in spreading her aid to those in need. I am a Naturopathic midwife whom never tried acupuncture prior to my first pregnancy in 2017. Although my birth didn’t go as planned, she sincerely helped me during the emotionally tough time I had in my first pregnancy as well as effectively prepping my uterus and cervix for labor. Although I ended up in the hospital for induction, my active labor was only 5-6 hours long with a considerably short pushing phase for a first time mom. My second birth was just earlier this month and was even better than the first with Dr. Tina’s care, she successfully induced me after my due date to prevent another unnecessary hospital birth, granting me my much desired home waterbirth! My body beautifully and smoothly opened up to greet the arrival of my second baby. My midwife confirmed I was already 5-6 cm dilated before having any contractions and I intrinsically know acupuncture was a great contributing component. And once the contractions came, I was progressing in a smooth and steady pace with manageable contractions, while my pushing time was even shorter than my first labor! I truly feel blessed to have been under the care of such a loving, kind, compassionate and friendly acupuncturist. She is deeply connecting as a provider and makes me feel like I am with my sister rather than my doctor. Her postpartum treatment help subside my prolapse complications as well as alleviate my hemorrhoid discomfort and pains. I would highly recommend Dr Tina for curing your ailments, especially during pregnancy and postpartum care. Have no doubt that you will be in good hands. The beautiful prayers and visualizations prior to each treatment are the icing on top of the masterpiece of her work. I am excited because this time postpartum we are working with moxa therapy as she has educated me on all of it benefits and I can’t wait to see what it offers me! I am forever appreciative of Dr. Tina and I always pray so much for her wellbeing and success as she deserves the best for all the help she gives women like me.

Jenny F.

My journey to having a baby was a rocky start. In January 2016 my husband and I found out we were pregnant with our first. We were so excited and then received the worse news I was having a miscarriage 8 weeks in. The news was hard but I was determined. We tried again in June and again I was pregnant only to find out in July at 8 weeks again I was having another miscarriage. I was devastated and wanted to know why this was happening to me again. I wanted to give up.

We then waited 4 months to starts trying again to let my body and mind heal. In December I found out I was pregnant for the 3rd time and right away I knew I needed to change something and take charge in order to have a successful pregnancy. I started asking around to friends what they did that could maybe help me have a successful pregnancy this time. One of my girlfriends mentioned Acupuncture and referred me to Tina. The next day, I called Tina’s office and made an appointment. She got me in 2 days later and was able to sit down with me and talk to me about what she could do to help me have a healthy pregnancy. I immediately felt good about this pregnancy and felt like I was in great care. Tina gave me a strict diet plan to stick to along with referring me to my new doctor who I love. They were both so proactive in my case and it felt like she really cared about my situation. I followed Tina’s diet and plan to a T because I believed in her and her practice. I would see her and her hubby twice a week for Acupuncture until I was 15 weeks, plus she gave me a Chinese herb to take to hold the pregnancy and I did a moxa treatment myself every day until 10 weeks (super easy). These were things I never did the 1st two times so I had nothing to lose but to trust her and believe in her.

I’m am so happy to say that I am 18 weeks today and carrying a healthy baby girl. I’ve never made it this far and honestly it is all because of Tina and her Acupuncture! I truly believe that this is what got me here today and i recommend her to anyone that has been through miscarriages. She is loving, caring and very professional. She encourages you and guides you through the process. She is so helpful and resourceful and I trust everything she recommends because it got me to where I am today.

Thank you so much Tina for never giving up on my situation. I feel blessed to have met you.

Lisa L.

So grateful to Mukunda and Tina at Healing Light Family Acupuncture! I found myself at their office last Spring due to fertility issues. Having had a miscarriage followed by an ectopic pregnancy, combined with issues getting pregnant to begin with, a friend recommended I try acupuncture and referred me to Healing Light in particular. I was so impressed with their thoroughness and approach to my situation. I sat down for an hour with Tina for a one-on-one consultation, and went over the full history of my fertility journey (something most fertility doctors generally rush you through!). She was thoughtful and gave me great advice while truly listening to the specifics of my situation with fertility and overall health history. Then her and Mukunda put together a customized treatment plan for me, covering everything from diet to de-stressing techniques as well as suggested supplements. I discovered that there was so much I could change about my daily routine that would boost my fertility,and began making changes immediately. Based on the specifics of my ectopic surgery, my husband and I decided that we wanted to proceed with IVF regardless, so the team at Healing Light worked this into our plan. I began seeing Mukunda for treatments weekly and changing diet/lifestyle habits in preparation for my egg retrieval.

I am happy to report that I am currently pregnant and in my second trimester! I credit so much of the success of my IVF journey to Healing Light and Mukunda’s treatments. They were an integral part of this success, and sincerely helped me feel cared for and nurtured during the egg retrieval process, as well as supported and confident during the transfer and early pregnancy. As someone who has endured the heartbreak of multiple pregnancy losses, it’s very common to feel like something is just out of balance in your body– that you need more support– and it’s a scary place. I would recommend acupuncture to any person who finds themselves in this place– and more specifically, I’d recommend Mukunda. I finally felt like someone was able to help me achieve a deep sense of balance that I was lacking in my often frustrating fertility struggles prior. What was once a disheartening and embarrassing reality became a balanced, positive and hopeful outlook– and I credit so much of that to my treatments. After discussing details of my acupuncture treatment plan with other friends who are simultaneously incorporating acupuncture (at different practices) with fertility treatments, I really noticed that the thoroughness of Healing Light and the approach they take to fertility in particular goes above and beyond what my friends have described.

In addition, I find that I sleep better and have a greater sense of calm and wellbeing when undergoing acupuncture treatments. These were all vital ingredients to my weekly routine. I am so grateful to Mukunda for his expertise and gentle guidance, as well as the whole staff at Healing Light for their professionalism and warmth throughout this entire process. I highly recommend!!!

Maria C.

Tina is absolutely amazing, I could not be happier! I have PCOS and a history of recent miscarriage; me and my husband really wanted to try for a baby again and I am so happy that I called Tina for help.
Starting from the first phone call she was very attentive, kind, and great listener. When I came for the first visit I felt calm healing energy coming from Tina, she explained me everything she was doing during our session, and made me feel very comfortable. I bought a package of 10 sessions and started to come to Radiance of the Womb once a week. Sessions were absolutely painless and very relaxing. Lots of times Tina spent extra time with me when she thought I needed it.
Needless to say I was ecstatic when I found out that I got pregnant within the first month of coming for acupuncture!!! I could not believe that we got pregnant so fast taking into account my PCOS. I kept coming to Tina throughout first trimester to support pregnancy (I was very scared to have another miscarriage), and I 100% believe that Tina helped to sustain my pregnancy and make my symptoms (nausea, heartburn, headaches, pains) as mild as possible. I was also very stressed at work, had lot’s of long work hours and business trips during first trimester, and acupuncture helped to reduce my stress and anxiety.
I definitely recommend Tina to anybody who struggles with fertility, and who wants to support healthy pregnancy, she is a great specialist and an amazing person!

Angela B.

Radiance of the Womb is a place of healing, care and support for pregnant women, women and their families. Tina and her husband Mukunda aka “The Baby Whisper” have created a loving and uplifting atmosphere that supports pregnant women in achieving optimal health and balance throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

I am a birth doula and I refer my clients to Radiance the Womb because I believe in what they do and because I have seen the results of their healing work firsthand. Sometimes during pregnancy a mama may go “beyond” her estimated due date and I believe in supporting the body through natural means of induction, when it is necessary. And, acupuncture is such a way to do this. Receiving acupuncture from Radiance of the Womb helps a pregnant woman to become more in tune with herself, her body and her baby. If you, as a pregnant woman can make acupuncture a part of your entire pregnancy, you would be doing yourself a great service! I had one client who received acupuncture throughout most of her pregnancy and she amazed herself in having a natural birth, despite the “high risk” diagnosis she was given in the hospital setting. Many women and families believe that Radiance of the Womb changed their pregnancy and their entire birth experience.

Tina is a vivacious, energetic and powerful woman and healer. She is committed to maintaining balance within herself, calling it forth within “me” and her clients. She is a mother of two beautiful girls. During the birth of her own daughters, Tina had to walk her talk, she became the warrior mama in birthing forth herself and her daughters, so that she could have the birth she believed in and not what the hospital believed in. So mamas-to-be, you are in great hands and in the care of a woman who knows firsthand how to bring harmony, healing and power to pregnancy and birth.

Mukunda has a way of tapping into the essence and soul of a woman and her child and calling forth inner alignment (mentally, physically and spiritually). Being able to become fertile through the healing modality of acupuncture, when one did not believe they were fertile is extraordinary. It is important to have healing practitioners, such as Mukunda and Tina who are committed to the art of acupuncture, who are dedicated to each other as a married couple, as their love demonstrates and overflows into their healing practice and then to you.

I love Tina and Mukunda and what they bring to the planet. I am so grateful to have a safe place to go to receive acupuncture and to refer my clients so that they receive quality, loving and conscious care.

Kathy and Baby Wren

Tina’s touch and acupuncture may have been the deciding factor in me being able to have a birth center delivery rather than a hospital induction. My baby was two weeks overdue and I had tried everything to start contractions naturally. Acupuncture was my last hope.

Although I was an acupuncture novice, she put me completely at ease. She was super supportive and caring and kept me from worrying about what might or might not happen (and the needles didn’t even hurt). Most of all I could feel the LOVE that Tina has for her work and for helping women in their hour of need.

Thank you so much Tina. You really helped me have a great birth experience and I am so grateful!

K.E., 26 years old

I was referred to Tina through a mutual friend, who thought we would get along really well, and she was right!

When I first started my treatment with Tina, I was newly pregnant and an anxious mess. I had previously experienced three miscarriages due to an undiscovered blood clotting disorder.

On our first acupuncture appointment Tina was extremely reassuring and positive, she was a breath of fresh air after my trials and tribulations. She sent me home with herbs, affirmations, and a renewed faith.

A couple of weeks after seeing Tina, my Doctor told me my pregnancy hormones were not increasing as they should be for a viable pregnancy, and I assumed the worse. I shared the information with Tina and she suggested we do some Theta healing (energy healing), to help the pregnancy but also to help me cope with whatever the outcome. During the Theta treatment, I felt a weight lift and a shift in my demeanor. Two days later, the Doctor called to let me know that my most recent blood work showed my hormone levels increased significantly, they no longer believed I was miscarrying.

I truly believe that the Theta worked a miracle that day. I have seen Tina every week for acupuncture since the time I was 4 weeks pregnant and now I am 30 weeks pregnant and am feeling so confident in my pregnancy and the health of my baby! I can honestly say that working with Tina has been a blessing. She is an amazing support system and practitioner. I couldn’t imagine my pregnancy without her.

Stephanie Hustler, 41 years old

After months of trying to get pregnant with my second child with a fertility doctor, we were still unsuccessful. I was getting stressed out and putting my body through crazy shock with all the supplemental hormones.

So, I decided after my third unsuccessful artificial insemination to try acupuncture in order to help me relax and get my body and mind on the same page. I needed a break. That is where I met Tina Singh. I had shared my experiences with her and felt an immediate connection and understanding. That alone, helped me relax.

She helped me balance my body and hormones with weekly acupuncture, some herbs, an extensive treatment plan, and reminded me to nourish my body and mind. Just even after my first visit, I felt more back to myself. With every visit, I was happier and felt in tune with “me”.

Tina was so easy to talk with and always had the most positive way of insightfully treating me and giving me a plan of action. She was always very professional in every visit. I followed my treatment plan for the next month with her and then as we got closer to my time to conceive, she did her magic. Before I knew it, I was pregnant! We are expecting our second baby girl in September and we couldn’t be happier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Accept My Insurance?

Healing Light Family Acupuncture accepts all out-of-network PPO insurance policies that have acupuncture coverage components. Before your first acupuncture appointment, we will verify your insurance benefits coverage in order to accept copay payments. A simple call to our office will allow us to verify your insurance coverage free of charge. In addition to PPO plans, we also accept HSA and FSA payments to ensure an accessible, easy, and simple experience for our local clients.

Do Acupuncture Needles Hurt?

One of the most frequent questions we get at Healing Light Family Acupuncture has to do with discomfort and acupuncture needles. When most think about needles, they think about hypodermic needles and the needles they receive at a doctor’s office for receiving injections. Acupuncture needles are significantly thinner and smaller than these needles, about the size of a cat whisker, and typically don’t come with any sort of discomfort outside of the very occasional barely noticeable pinch.

Is Acupuncture Safe?

Acupuncture is both safe and non-invasive. What acupuncture does is simply activates the body’s natural ability to heal itself, a method that has been used reliably for thousands of years. Acupuncture is regulated by the California Acupuncture Board. All acupuncture needles are one-time use only and come from sterile packaging. Not only is acupuncture safe, it also only comes with very minimal discomfort as you aid the body’s ability to heal itself.

Is Acupuncture Only Used to Treat Pain?

It’s no secret that acupuncture is an effective treatment for musculoskeletal pain and injury, but that’s not all it’s good for. Acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years throughout history to treat a vast array of ailments from fertility concerns to digestive health issues and beyond. In acupuncture, the body is viewed as a whole system with each part intertwined with the next. Using this methodology, acupuncture is used to treat the entire body as a whole.

How Does Acupuncture Treat Fertility

According to modern scientific studies, the use of acupuncture can help to improve a couple’s chance of conception by 42-60%. Through acupuncture, clients are able to improve hormone function, improve the quality of sperm and egg, create better uterine lining, and decrease fibroids and cysts. Acupuncture has been used to increase and improve both male and female fertility for more than 2,000 years. Not just for pre-pregnancy, acupuncture may be used during pregnancy to alleviate conditions as well.

“Tina and Mukunda and not only amazing acupuncturists, they are absolutely the most genuinely nice and caring people I have ever known. When I first started seeing them, it was mainly for stress and anxiety as well as doing fertility treatments. I am so happy to say that now I am no longer in need of anxiety medication and I am pregnant! My first trimester started out very rough with terrible morning sickness but as soon as I started seeing them again, my morning sickness has almost completely diminished. I am so thankful that they came into my life because not only am I feeling better in multiple ways, my family is expecting a new baby and I have gained two new wonderful friends.”

Heidi G.

“I have been treated by Mukunda and I am very happy with the results. In addition to being excellent at acupuncture I found Mukunda to have a very personal and gentle manner. He is very intuitive and knowledgeable. I have recommended Mukunda to many of my friends and recommend him highly to you!”

Karen Truesdale

“I have quite the history with pregnancy loss and early delivery with my son. Tina was my birth doula and was able to help me remove the blocks and negativity I had associated with my first pregnancy through our theta sessions. I was given daily affirmations to recite and even mantras of protection for my baby and me. I was very grateful she was able to help me enjoy this pregnancy more. During labor, my baby was “sunny side up” (facing up instead of down) which causes extreme back pain. Tina was able to use acupuncture and her healing touch to take that pain away. I felt very comforted by having her there with me for my second birth.”


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