Acupuncture as a fertility treatment is becoming increasingly popular among couples who are struggling with conception, with many studies having shown its effectiveness in treating certain types of infertility.

The Basics of Acupuncture

Even though most of us know what the basics are of acupuncture, here’s a quick recap.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment that involves the strategic placement of pins throughout the body. This is typically done in a grid-like pattern spanning the entire body.

The process stems from the idea that we have a constant flow of energy coursing through our bodies along meridian lines (the body’s energy network), and therefore placing needles throughout specific areas can alter the flow of energy to help improve health.

Acupuncture and Fertility

So, what exactly do needles and meridian lines and Chinese medicine have to do with making babies?

Well, according to the American Pregnancy Association, precise acupuncture treatments may help improve blood flow and improve ovarian and follicular function. Improved blood flow equals better circulation for the uterus and ovaries, which ultimately makes them stronger and healthier overall. This increases the chances that the uterine lining will be able to support the egg for a full-term pregnancy.

Additionally, studies indicate that acupuncture’s general effects on brain chemistry may contribute to better fertility. WebMD describes the connection between certain brain hormones and conception:

Acupuncture boosts endorphin production, a chemical that is linked to menstrual regulation.

Acupuncture may improve hormone production through the stimulation of areas in the brain that are tied to the hypothalamus and pituitary gland (two of the main hormone-producing organs). These hormones, in turn, can improve egg production and positively affect ovulation.

Should You Try It?

Now that you know the benefits of acupuncture on fertility, the final question is: is it right for you?

Fertility acupuncture has been shown by modern medical studies to improve the chances of conception by 42 to 60%. Through acupuncture’s natural ability to help the body to heal itself, it may also relieve a variety of fertility-related conditions. 

With fertility acupuncture, couples have a non-invasive and holistic option that is effective in treating fertility-related issues while also promoting a healthy and happy pregnancy. Healing Light Family Acupuncture is here to provide a wellness-centered experience to all Fountain Valley, CA couples looking to conceive after struggles with infertility.