What a beautiful journey it has been!

We are celebrating six years of opening our dream family practice in 2015. ️We have learned so much as small business owners and ourselves. 

The hidden wisdom that has helped us stay authentic and heart-centered is this…

That if we do our OWN inner work as healers and practitioners and “walk our talk,” then we can take our patients as far as we have gone ourselves. 

Holding loving space and compassion is essential to the magic of our practice. 

Mukunda and I were blessed by God first and the amazing people who helped our dream happen.

Thank you for being our INCREDIBLE patients.

You have trusted us with your care and healing journey. You may have been vulnerable, shared your heart, and scared at times. You needed a compassionate ear and attentive open heart. We HONOR that more than you know. In writing this, it makes me feel sheer GRATITUDE for you being in our lives. 

Mukunda and I are privileged to work with you and guide your mind, body and spirit to your own best healing potential.  

We would like to also thank our amazing parents, family, friends, college mentors and acupuncture graduate school professors and practitioners who believed in us and gave us the encouragement to “GO for it!” 

We were two young healers courageously opening a practice with one goal in mind…


To help our community feel safe and loved. To create a practice where patients feel SEEN, truly HEARD, and HELD in compassionate space. 

Over the last six years, we have witnessed many miracles in our practice! We have helped hundreds of couples conceive their dream baby/babies, have better natural deliveries, support miscarriage loss, support postpartum care, spiritual development, women’s health, pain management, and support the body and emotional mind. 

We could not have achieved this success without the support of our incredible community of healers, practitioners, doulas, midwives, fertility doctors, nurses, therapists, and chiropractors. Thank you for working with us and your beloved patients!

Mukunda and I have grown tremendously through these six years. We are spiritual life partners, conscious parents, practitioners, community healers, and compassionate business partners. 

We are BLESSED for every lesson and curveball in having a family practice. It sure has been a wild and FUN ride!

From the bottom of our Heart, we thank you and wish for you to always be Blessed and Feel Loved.