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Fertility Case Studies

Unlock the Path to Parenthood: Real Stories of Acupuncture Fertility Success

At Healing Light Family Acupuncture, our dedication to acupuncture fertility success is unwavering. We take immense pride in the countless success stories that have blossomed within our care. Our fertility acupuncture treatments have provided a ray of hope for those struggling to conceive. Our case studies are a testament to the transformative power of our approach.

Explore these acupuncture fertility success stories, and witness the potential of our treatments to make your parenthood dreams come true.  These are just a few examples of the lives we’ve touched. Witness the profound transformations that have brought joy to families and discover how Healing Light Family Acupuncture can make your dream of parenthood a reality.

Lauren P.

So over due but I’m so excited to share my experience with Tina and Mukunda! I came to them in Spring of 2020 to prep for mini IVF. I saw either Tina or Makunda twice a week for a couple months leading up to my retrieval in June, let my body rest from ivf but continued twice weekly acupuncture appointments biweekly and then in October 2020 I did acupuncture the day before and the day of transfer right after. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

They are so skilled and knowledgeable about the fertility treatment process and they show so much love and understanding for the emotions that come with that journey. They supported me, encouraged me, prayed for me, kept me calm.

Tina would pray with me every appointment and I could feel my stress just melt away. She helped my mindset stay in a rational but positive place. It was like my therapy for mind body and soul. My transfer was successful on the first try!

And I continued to see Makunda once a week in the first trimester just to ease any symptoms and keep the pregnancy strong. I was pretty amazed my 1st trimester nausea was manageable!

My pregnancy was such a dream come true experience and I felt amazing with minimal discomfort. Also Makunda was able to get my labor started naturally with a special treatment when I was 41 weeks and 5 days so no hospital induction was necessary.

Labor was quick and my little girl was born so healthy and I am feeling great at almost a year postpartum. If you need fertility, pregnancy or postpartum support they are the team you need on your side!!


If you are having fertility issues like conceiving/keeping pregnancy, this is where you want to be!! They are hands down the best. I have been to many top-rated acupuncturists all around O.C., L.A. and I have only had true success here, not once but TWICE!! My journey was long and very disappointing until coming here.

I will never forget my first meet/greet with Mukunda, I walked into his office with almost zero hope because of past disappointments. Mukunda is such a good listener, he got a whole ear full of my previous experience with fertility, pregnancy and by the time it was over I walked out feeling extremely hopeful and confident. This facility not only offers fertility acupuncture, but it also offers fertility coaching as well.

I say this for the women on this same journey, we as women do not realize how much of a toll this kind of journey can have on us physically and emotionally, because we are such strong women, but now I know that even superwoman needs coaching and guidance. Trust me it makes a big difference physically and mentally; it plays a big role in a healthy pregnancy.

There are so many positive things, I can say about this place and their staff, but this thread will be too long. If you are on your knees from being disappointed, get up and give them a try, you will not be disappointed. I have had two children in two years, and throughout this experience I was guided and very much supported, which in turn made me feel confident throughout the process, thanks to Healing Light Family Acupuncture.

My husband is so grateful for Mukunda, he says “Mukunda is a God who makes miracles happen”. Mukunda, you have made our dream come true and we cannot thank you enough, thank you so, so much.

Peyton B.

I had started seeing Tina in August for fertility acupuncture. I wasn’t necessarily experiencing fertility issues (had been TTC since May) but I wanted to balance my body and prepare my womb for a healthy pregnancy. Two months after receiving weekly acupuncture treatments I got pregnant ! I am currently 11 weeks and still see Tina weekly to help prevent first trimester symptoms and to help support the pregnancy overall. I have had zero nausea or morning sickness my entire pregnancy so far..I like to think that acupuncture has helped contribute to this.

I look forward to my acupuncture sessions every week! I really enjoy working with Tina, she is so sweet, genuine, and very knowledgeable. I enjoy our weekly conversations when I come to get treatment. Before finding Tina I was going to a different acupuncturist, and it just was a completely different experience..not warm and inviting like Tina ! I’ve also received a few treatments from her husband Mukunda who is also great!
Highly recommend both of them.

Krystal S.

The amount of love my wife and I have for this business is immense. We were welcomed with open arms to start acupuncture for fertility. Our intake with Mukunda was so warm and thoughtful. His energy felt immediately healing.

My wife was included in every step of the process making this experience feel so collaborative. The receptionist Stephanie always greeted us with a smile and kindness every time we walked in the door. She remembered I liked a warm bed and always was helpful to accommodate our needs. This was my first time in acupuncture and the process was more calming than I could have imagined. We did five rounds of IUI, the 5th with a positive pregnancy test 🙂

We continued to go through the first trimester to manage overall morning sickness- which I never experienced. I credit that to acupuncture. This business is full of healing, warm, welcoming vibes and I would highly recommend it to anyone struggling with fertility.

Leena T.

It has taken me a bit to write this review, but I wanted to be sure to put into the correct words, the magnitude of my gratitude and appreciation for Mukunda and the entire Healing Light family. Being older and trying to conceive naturally has had its challenges.

However, now being under the care of a new OB and Mukunda, it has become a positive journey. My whole perspective on the process has changed dramatically since coming to Healing Light for treatment and guidance.

Mukunda and his wife have honestly created a one of a kind business. You are treated as family from the moment you walk in. You are treated with respect, kindness and empathy.

Mukunda treats many different scenarios, however he takes a sincere and individual approach to everyone. I feel as if I am the only one he cares for during every visit.

I wish that there were more stars to give as 5 stars simply does not give this establishment the merit that it deserves. If you are struggling with fertility or just trying to find balance and clarity in life, I strongly recommend anyone and everyone to give Radiance of the womb a try. Trust me when I say, “You will not be disappointed”.

KImberly K.

After 5 years of ttc, failed IUIs, failed IVFs, my husband and I are happy to announce we are now pregnant!! I Owe this all to God, my doctors and especially Mukunda! The moment I met Mukunda he made me feel calm and cared for, he always made me laugh at each Acupuncture treatment. I Truly believe it was because of his magic Acupuncture hands that helped me get and stay pregnant. I’m eternally grateful for him! Thank you Mukunda!!

Megan A.

I had a great experience with Healing Light, Makunda and the staff in Fountain Valley. It was really helpful to have a holistic perspective while being diagnosed with unexplained infertility, going through IUIs and finally a (successful) IVF transfer. Acupuncture gave me peace of mind knowing that I was doing everything to heal and balance my body to prepare for conception. Also it’s super relaxing! Highly recommend for anyone TTC!

Nancy Q.

It has been recommended to me by a friend to get acupuncture treatments when trying to conceive. My husband and I have tried for 2 cycles on our own. I came here during my third cycle and I am happy to say I am now 4 weeks pregnant. The treatments really helped my body relax and relieve stress. Mukunda reinforces having a positive mindset as your body will follow. He’s very informative and kind.
Very nice front staff! Scheduling is easy too.

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