With esoteric acupuncture, deep shifts are possible in the energy field. Rather than merely balancing the energy meridians within the body, this system of acupuncture opens the door to a connection between one’s body and the quantum field of potential, allowing for healing at the core pattern of energy, elevated states of consciousness, and inner tranquility.

The Foundation of Esoteric Acupuncture

Our physical bodies are constantly reacting to and facilitating health or disease from an intrinsic energetic blueprint. All things start as energy and later condense into a physical form. Patterns of energy, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions lead to stress and other symptoms to persist until they are transformed from the root.

In order to clear energetic blocks, elevate levels of consciousness, and balance the chakras, it’s advisable to utilize esoteric acupuncture— the practice in which smaller-than-usual acupuncture needles are placed in intentional sacred geometry patterns.

The Purpose of Esoteric Acupuncture

The goal of this method of acupuncture is to align you with your inner energetic blueprint— your connection to pure, limitless energy from the greater source/universe/spirit. We also know this as many different things— from the Tao to the Loving Light of Consciousness or God; i.e. the energy that encompasses the whole of our universe. This is the realm in which the healing you desire is infinitely possible.

What Esoteric Acupuncture Can Do for You

Ultimately, esoteric acupuncture aligns the energy of the body’s energetic field. In the same way that the physical body always needs nourishment, cleansing, and balancing; your energetic blueprint needs the same for your greater self to be healthy.

The physical mechanisms of our body vibrate at a specific frequency, which is determined by our physical body’s health, our physical environment’s energy; in addition to our feelings, thoughts, and experiences. When your energetic field is misaligned, you may feel “stuck” or in a rut— making day-to-day life harder than it needs to be. However, when your energy field is aligned, you become connected with yourself and to the present— revitalizing you with passion, and purpose as the version of yourself you’ve always been meant to be.