Fertility coaching is a method of helping people whose path to parenthood isn’t in the conventionally straight line. These couples typically find themselves trying fertility drugs, IUI, IVF, donor, or surrogacy. Between the high costs and uncertainties, fertility treatments often come with a lot of stressors and endless questions. 

What Is Fertility Coaching? 

Fertility coaching is a holistic form of therapy that exists out of the machinations of Western medicine that is designed to help with stress management, set the ideal conditions for conception and healthy pregnancy, or different routes to parenthood through finding helpful answers to those difficult questions.

A fertility coach may assist in enhancing the medical treatment your doctor prescribes and provides you with the supplemental physical, mental, and emotional support you need while maneuvering around fertility struggles. 

The blend of mentorship, counseling, and experienced support during the process of preconception planning or fertility treatment can help you deal with the emotional effects of treatment and make beneficial lifestyle adjustments in order to help you feel healthier and emotionally stronger while going through the process of trying to conceive and build a family in an alternative way.

Fertility Coaching and Acupuncture

Fertility acupuncture has been proven by medical studies in its ability to increase the chances of conception by 40% to 60%. Through acupuncture’s natural capacity to assist the body in healing itself, it may also ease a number of fertility-related conditions. It can promote hormone function, enhance the quality of both egg and sperm, assist in early fertilization, help the body to produce a proper uterine lining, reduce cysts and fibroids, alleviate PCOS symptoms, and help with relieving pregnancy-related ailments and conditions.

Through fertility acupuncture, couples are provided a non-invasive and holistic option, which is effective in managing fertility-related issues while also encouraging a healthy and happy pregnancy. 

Why Do People Hire Fertility Coaches?

Fertility coaching has been determined to be highly fruitful in assisting people with feeling more in control of their physical and mental well-being, which can improve pregnancy rates and decrease the rates of anxiety and depression.

Fertility coaching can help with the management and improvement of factors that can influence fertility, in addition to how you process and perceive this often stressful time of life. 

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