Last month was Father’s Day, and for couples trying to conceive, holidays about parenthood can be a bittersweet reminder of what they don’t have yet. Many fertility treatments focus on females and their reproductive systems, but fertility acupuncture is applicable to both sexes when trying to conceive.

Fertility acupuncture can benefit the male portion of conception in a few ways. Here are some of the results that fertility acupuncture can produce in males trying to conceive.

  1. Increased Sperm Count – Many factors contribute to low sperm count, whether it is medical, environmental, or lifestyle related, low sperm count can make it difficult to get pregnant despite our best efforts. Fertility acupuncture can increase your sperm count even with problems such as alcohol or steroid use, or other past health problems.
  2. Improve Sperm Quality – Not all sperm are the same. Quality sperm will be faster, stronger, and more likely to fertilize eggs and result in implantation and gestation. By using fertility acupuncture, your sperm can become higher quality.

The success of conception efforts relies on both sperm and egg health. The reproductive systems of both the male and female need to be in good condition for a pregnancy to begin. With Healing Light Family Acupuncture’s fertility treatments, you and your partner can improve your reproductive health and start your family. Contact us today for an appointment.