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When Should Women Receive Acupuncture for Labor?

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Labor Acupuncture Preparation

Labor Acupuncture helps prepare a woman’s body for labor in a natural and safe way. Studies have shown that women receiving acupuncture starting from 37-38 weeks gestation show progressed cervix dilation, shorter delivery times, and fewer medical interventions.

How Does Labor Acupuncture Work?

Acupuncture helps the cervix soften and dilate directly! The acupuncture points stimulate the hormones necessary for birth which the mother’s body and baby will release. It also stimulates the uterus by encouraging contractions for birth.

Another way it prepares a mother for labor is that it helps reduce anxiety or the anticipation of birth. Therefore, by calming the nervous system the mother’s body feels safe and can begin the labor process with ease and confidence.

Lastly, labor acupuncture allows the body to go naturally into labor if the mother is past her due date without the need for medical interventions. Acupuncture natural labor induction treatments can take anywhere from 6 to 72 hours. Patients report a drastic difference in their labor times and that the acupuncture allowed them to begin labor without the need for Pitocin, Foley balloon, or a C-section.

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When Should Women Come Into Receiving Labor Acupuncture?

It’s best to receive acupuncture around week 38 to prepare your uterus and cervix for labor. At 38-39 weeks, your acupuncturist will perform a regular acupuncture treatment to soften your cervix, balance hormones, and reduce stress. This treatment is not induction.

We continue to treat patients each week until their due date and if they go past 40 weeks, then acupuncture for natural labor induction is done.

We can continue acupuncture until the gestation of 41.5 weeks, while their midwife or provider is willing to wait for the mother’s body to start laboring independently without any medical interventions.

Results with acupuncture for labor preparation have shown more women having more natural births than they desire and they generally experience less pain and complications.