For many years, acupuncture has been practiced and studied in eastern medicine to treat and prevent diseases of the body and mind. It’s easier for people to wrap their minds around the physical benefits of acupuncture than the emotional and mental benefits. However, acupuncture is quite effective for treating mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

In western medicine, our healthcare is divided into specializations. Psychiatrists, dermatologists, endocrinologists… the list goes on. This reflects the perceived mentality that individual body parts operate independently, especially your mind.

However, it’s been proven that your body and mind are deeply connected, and that the health of your mind can affect the health of your body and vice versa.

Acupuncture and most eastern medicine operate in a wholistic mentality. By viewing the body in its entirety, these treatments can relieve multiple symptoms that a patient experiences, both mental and physical.

If you are experiencing any fatigue, anxiety, depression, etc., it may be a symptom of a larger issue affecting your entire body. By consulting with an acupuncturist like the caring and experienced practitioners at Healing Light Family Acupuncture, you may experience relief. Find out if we can help by scheduling an appointment or calling us at (949) 304-9748 today.