Oftentimes New Year’s Resolutions have to do with our health or self-care. Eat better, or less, and exercise more, or at all. Some people’s resolutions are focused on their appearance, so that they can shrink a dress-size or lose a few pounds. Others are concerned with animal welfare or environmental impact, so they go vegan or just reduce their meat intake.

But did you know that New Year’s Resolutions about health and self-care are incomplete without thinking about your immune system health? Read more to find out.

Self-Care and Your Immune System

Boosting your immune health was a top priority for many people in 2020, due to the pandemic and rising concerns with sickness and staying healthy. So, what are some of the self-care routines that can help you boost your immune system?

  • Exercising often
  • High fiber diets
  • Sleeping well
  • Reducing stress
  • Reducing toxins like cigarettes, alcohol, and even non-essential prescription medications

Many of these have been said before, and often. But the fact is that by taking care of your body’s physical and mental health, your immune system is better equipped to fight infection, function at high levels, and keep you feeling well.

That’s also why acupuncture is one of the best methods of self-care. When you receive acupuncture, your stress levels are reduced, and your immune system is naturally boosted by balancing your body’s energy. It’s a mental and physical self-care routine, all in one!

Self-Care with a Purpose

Many people these days view self-care as taking a long bubble-bath, eating a slice of cake, or going on a shopping spree. And while these may help you feel good in the moment, true self-care is long-term and sometimes can be hard work. But once you determine to put in the work to truly take care of yourself, you can see real results in your life. It’s a learning process, but stick to it and you’ll get there!

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