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Pregnancy Case Studies

Rana B.

I’m not much of a review writer but my experience with Dr. Tina was one that called for the necessity to spread word about her talents and skill. I’m an empath like she is and I truly take joy in spreading her aid to those in need. I am a Naturopathic midwife whom never tried acupuncture prior to my first pregnancy in 2017. Although my birth didn’t go as planned, she sincerely helped me during the emotionally tough time I had in my first pregnancy as well as effectively prepping my uterus and cervix for labor. Although I ended up in the hospital for induction, my active labor was only 5-6 hours long with a considerably short pushing phase for a first time mom. My second birth was just earlier this month and was even better than the first with Dr. Tina’s care, she successfully induced me after my due date to prevent another unnecessary hospital birth, granting me my much desired home waterbirth! My body beautifully and smoothly opened up to greet the arrival of my second baby. My midwife confirmed I was already 5-6 cm dilated before having any contractions and I intrinsically know acupuncture was a great contributing component. And once the contractions came, I was progressing in a smooth and steady pace with manageable contractions, while my pushing time was even shorter than my first labor! I truly feel blessed to have been under the care of such a loving, kind, compassionate and friendly acupuncturist. She is deeply connecting as a provider and makes me feel like I am with my sister rather than my doctor. Her postpartum treatment help subside my prolapse complications as well as alleviate my hemorrhoid discomfort and pains. I would highly recommend Dr Tina for curing your ailments, especially during pregnancy and postpartum care. Have no doubt that you will be in good hands. The beautiful prayers and visualizations prior to each treatment are the icing on top of the masterpiece of her work. I am excited because this time postpartum we are working with moxa therapy as she has educated me on all of it benefits and I can’t wait to see what it offers me! I am forever appreciative of Dr. Tina and I always pray so much for her wellbeing and success as she deserves the best for all the help she gives women like me.

Angela B.

Radiance of the Womb is a place of healing, care and support for pregnant women, women and their families. Tina and her husband Mukunda aka “The Baby Whisper” have created a loving and uplifting atmosphere that supports pregnant women in achieving optimal health and balance throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

I am a birth doula and I refer my clients to Radiance the Womb because I believe in what they do and because I have seen the results of their healing work firsthand. Sometimes during pregnancy a mama may go “beyond” her estimated due date and I believe in supporting the body through natural means of induction, when it is necessary. And, acupuncture is such a way to do this. Receiving acupuncture from Radiance of the Womb helps a pregnant woman to become more in tune with herself, her body and her baby. If you, as a pregnant woman can make acupuncture a part of your entire pregnancy, you would be doing yourself a great service! I had one client who received acupuncture throughout most of her pregnancy and she amazed herself in having a natural birth, despite the “high risk” diagnosis she was given in the hospital setting. Many women and families believe that Radiance of the Womb changed their pregnancy and their entire birth experience.

Tina is a vivacious, energetic and powerful woman and healer. She is committed to maintaining balance within herself, calling it forth within “me” and her clients. She is a mother of two beautiful girls. During the birth of her own daughters, Tina had to walk her talk, she became the warrior mama in birthing forth herself and her daughters, so that she could have the birth she believed in and not what the hospital believed in. So mamas-to-be, you are in great hands and in the care of a woman who knows firsthand how to bring harmony, healing and power to pregnancy and birth.

Mukunda has a way of tapping into the essence and soul of a woman and her child and calling forth inner alignment (mentally, physically and spiritually). Being able to become fertile through the healing modality of acupuncture, when one did not believe they were fertile is extraordinary. It is important to have healing practitioners, such as Mukunda and Tina who are committed to the art of acupuncture, who are dedicated to each other as a married couple, as their love demonstrates and overflows into their healing practice and then to you.

I love Tina and Mukunda and what they bring to the planet. I am so grateful to have a safe place to go to receive acupuncture and to refer my clients so that they receive quality, loving and conscious care.

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