With fertility acupuncture treatments from Healing Light Acupuncture, your pregnancy goals are closer than ever. While we help you prepared your body for pregnancy, you should also prepare your home to increase comfort during your pregnancy before the baby comes.

Comfort is Queen

Pregnancy can increase your body’s sensitivity, so making your home comfortable is a good place to start. Pregnancy pillows, air conditioners, humidifiers… there are a lot of products out there to make sure your pregnancy is a comfortable experience.

Stress-Free Zone

Increasing comfort helps but decreasing stress in your home will also help. Any and all home improvement projects that you have halfway finished right now should be taken care of before you get pregnant. Or if you have been meaning to get that leaky faucet fixed but keep putting it off, get it done now so you have less reasons to worry during preganancy.

Treat Yourself

If you are not pregnant yet, Healing Light’s fertility acupuncture treatments will help increase your body’s natural fertility. Fertility acupuncture gives hormone treatments their best chance of success by increasing blood circulation, stimulating natural hormones in your body, and regulating menstruation. Not to mention that acupuncture has been proven to increase both egg production and egg quality in women, and sperm count and quality in men.

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