Initial Basic Acupuncture Visit1.5 hours$170
Initial Fertility Acupuncture Visit1.5 hours$250
Follow-up Weekly visits1 hour$99
Initial Esoteric Acupuncture1.5 hours$225
Esoteric Follow up1 hour$150
Labor Induction1.5 hours$170
Follow Up Induction1 hour$120
IVF On-Site Transfer(Pre & Post)$600
IVF Pre & Post(In office, 2 treatments)$300
Usui Reiki1 hour$125
Healing Touch1 hour$135



Esoteric Package of 4$550
Packages of 6$570
Packages of 8$720
Package of 12$1,020
Pregnancy Package of 6One time special$500
Postpartum Package of 6(Includes placenta encapsulation)$875
IVF Package of 7$1,020
IUI Package of 6$720
Healing Light Fertility Coaching Intro Package$1,500
Healing Light Fertility Coaching VIP Package$2,025
Sacred Spirit Rising Intro Program$1,300
Premium Sacred Spirit Rising Program$2,200
VIP Sacred Spirit Rising Program$4,000

Healing Light Fertility Coaching Intro Package: $1,500

  • 3 months of online coaching + distance healing sessions
  • 3 coaching sessions per month (75-min each)
  • 1 Esoteric Acupressure & visualization session (90-min)
  • Unlimited email between sessions
  • VIP access to all workshops & events
  • Access to all my templates & worksheets
  • Total of 11+ Live hours of Coaching plus 90 min. Acupressure exercise

*Payment plans available upon request

Healing Light Fertility Coaching VIP Package: $2,025

Acupuncture + Coaching HYBRID
  • 3 months of online coaching + distance healing sessions 
  • 3 coaching sessions per month (75-min each)
  • 1 Esoteric Fertility Acupuncture in-person session per month (90-min for initial, 60-min for follow-ups)
  • Unlimited email between sessions
  • VIP access to all workshops & events
  • Access to all my templates & worksheets
  • Total of 11+ Live hours of Coaching PLUS 3 In-Office Esoteric Fertility Acupuncture Sessions 

*Payment plans available upon request

“Tina and Mukunda and not only amazing acupuncturists, they are absolutely the most genuinely nice and caring people I have ever known. When I first started seeing them, it was mainly for stress and anxiety as well as doing fertility treatments. I am so happy to say that now I am no longer in need of anxiety medication and I am pregnant! My first trimester started out very rough with terrible morning sickness but as soon as I started seeing them again, my morning sickness has almost completely diminished. I am so thankful that they came into my life because not only am I feeling better in multiple ways, my family is expecting a new baby and I have gained two new wonderful friends.”

Heidi G.

“I have been treated by Mukunda and I am very happy with the results. In addition to being excellent at acupuncture I found Mukunda to have a very personal and gentle manner. He is very intuitive and knowledgeable. I have recommended Mukunda to many of my friends and recommend him highly to you!”

Karen Truesdale

“I have quite the history with pregnancy loss and early delivery with my son. Tina was my birth doula and was able to help me remove the blocks and negativity I had associated with my first pregnancy through our theta sessions. I was given daily affirmations to recite and even mantras of protection for my baby and me. I was very grateful she was able to help me enjoy this pregnancy more. During labor, my baby was “sunny side up” (facing up instead of down) which causes extreme back pain. Tina was able to use acupuncture and her healing touch to take that pain away. I felt very comforted by having her there with me for my second birth.”


  •   I went to see Tina for bladder pain because of interstitial cystitis and after 2 sessions in conjunction with pelvic floor physical therapy my pain is under control! Highly recommend!

    thumb Cynthia A.

      I went in for accupunture with Makunda this past Friday at 38.1 days pregnant because my baby girl was in the breech position. I also did the Moxibustion as instructed... read more

    thumb Heather B.

      Hello! I went to Dr. Mukunda Singh for infertility issues. He asked a lot of great questions and was very attentive! I went to him 3 times and fell asleep... read more

    thumb Maggie R.
  •   I have been going to Mukunda for Acupuncture for several months now and it's made a tremendous difference in my life. He is warm and caring and is a great... read more

    thumb Mary H.

      Words cannot describe the love and care from Mukunda, Tina and their team. From the beginning, they treated me over a year of fertility acupuncture to help us conceive after... read more

    thumb CatLadyHon N.

      I highly recommend this office to anyone wanting to get acupuncture treatment!  The front office staff, Steph, and both acupuncturists that have provided me treatment (Mukunda - the co-owner and... read more

    thumb Jen C.
  •   I've had accupuncture before, but never with such a powerful impact! Every time I leave a session with Mukunda, my energy is flowing and my body feels light and free.... read more

    thumb Jenna M.

      Incredible.  That's about all can say.  I've been here a few times - mostly to help clear my head and refocus. At my last visit I had hurt my back... read more

    thumb John M.

      I have seen both Tina and Mukunda for acupuncture and they are AMAZING.  I received treatments during my pregnancy and post-partum.  I would highly recommend the mother roasting technique for... read more

    thumb Natalie N.
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