We miss many of our patients. Some of you are unable to come into our practice because you are pregnant or immunocompromised. We want to provide support to your health even if you cannot leave your home during the coronavirus.

We have heard that many of you have become homeschooling parents almost overnight. You may find it hard to leave for an in-person appointment. What a challenge that has been!

We developed a tele-health series where you are able to meet with a practitioner via a virtual platform. You may choose Zoom or phone as your method to communicate with us.

The tele-health session begins with a virtual consultation. We will chat with you to determine what your health needs are. Then we create a treatment plan for your anxiety, fertility, pregnancy support, stress reduction, immunity, pain relief, or whatever your needs are. Oftentimes we will order herbal supplements to be delivered to your home.

In your tele-health session, we will integrate a guided meditation. We will show you custom acupressure points to press throughout the day. This method offers the same effectiveness as an acupuncture session when you follow the protocol we prescribe.

Another unique service we offer with tele-health is for women’s life coaching through stressful times with a certified coach. Our life coaching also provides virtual support for fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum with a licensed acupuncturist and coach. At Healing Light Family Acupuncture, we have virtual Reiki sessions available as well. Please choose a 30-minute session at $40 or a 60-minute session for $75.

To schedule your session over the phone or video chat, please call 949-444-7131.