A new pregnancy is really exciting at first, especially for those of us who have been receiving fertility treatments for a while. Over the course of fertility treatments, the anticipation builds, and a positive pregnancy test can create a huge release of tension that is full of happiness and a bit of nerves.

However, after the initial high of receiving this good news, a new pregnancy can be very challenging!

Morning sickness, swollen ankles, back pain, spotting… all of these can accompany a pregnancy and turn a happy and exciting time into a full-blown, miserable 10 months of highs and lows.

An important part of pre-natal care, though, is also avoiding too many prescription and over-the-counter medications that could have long term effects on both you and the baby.

So, finding treatments to combat these new symptoms can be a real challenge. The best solution needs to be all-natural, effective, and convenient. The best treatment is acupuncture!

We at Healing Light Family Acupuncture recommend that all our pregnant patients come to us for acupuncture during their pregnancy, whether they are experiencing intense symptoms or not.

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