Esoteric acupuncture is so much more than what we think of when we envision traditional acupuncture. It is designed not just for the physical wellness of the body, but for the healing of the spiritual and energetic bodies. 

The name given to esoteric acupuncture can essentially be broken into three parts. The first, “esoteric” is defined as a thing that is not willingly known. “Acupuncture” comes from two words—  “acus,” which is a Latin word for needle or obelisk or temple, and “puncture,” which we already know means to pierce

All together, esoteric acupuncture is the piercing of the temple (i.e. your physical body) in order to delve deep within yourself to find some esoteric meaning.

This meaning could be defined as the strength of the spiritual alignment achieved when you silence the clutter in your mind of the external world and instead focus your energy on your internal world. Esoteric acupuncture helps you detach from the material world in order to reclaim and develop your inner spiritual world. 

This leads to a healing that will flood into every part of your life like an illuminating light. 

Human beings are more than our physical bodies. We have layers of energy that intersect at our very core. Our core, or center, is the densest layer of who we are. 

As we navigate further outward through the energetic layers, each one lessens in density. When we consciously focus and on these layers, we in turn help to refine and revitalize them. Dr. Mikio Sankey, the founder of esoteric acupuncture, calls this the “tiers of density.” 

As we reach out to our least dense, outermost layers, we are better able to connect to whatever greater power we believe in— be it God or the universe. Refining this particular connection can potentially refocus and change the trajectory of our lives, helping us find our truest purpose in existing on this earth.